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The 2012 Cadillac ATS is expected to provide competition to the BMW 3-Series. The 2012 Cadillac ATS is not available to compare against other vehicles, but its main competitors are likely to be the BMW 3-Series, Infiniti G37, and Hyundai Genesis. If you want to buy an ATS, you will have to wait; this vehicle may be released in late 2011 as a 2012 model, but it may take longer than that to get the vehicle into production. Other extra-cost goodies should include a voice-activated navigation system with rearview camera and perhaps real-time traffic and/or weather alerts; rear obstacle detection; adaptive cruise control; road-sign recognition via a front-camera system; and steering-linked headlamps.

This rear-wheel drive vehicle may not make it to showrooms until after 2011. It is likely to be released as a coupe, but sedan and wagon versions are likely to follow; an all-wheel drive version may also be released. Other Cadillac ATS Accessories include an adaptive suspension with driver-selected firmness settings, perhaps part of an optional sport package; night vision; a blind-spot warning system; and lane-departure warning and/or lane-keeping assist. In short, the ATS may well be the most thoroughly equipped compact car in GM history, as indeed it must be to get a look from buyers accustomed to feature-packed import-brand compacts. The 2012 Cadillac ATS will wear the brand's signature edgy-wedgy "Art & Science" look.

Cadillac ATS WheelsGM design chief Ed Welburn, for one, insists that ATS won't be a mini-me CTS. Motor Trend's Todd Lassa sort of backed up that assertion after viewing the coupe concept in August. He reports the ATS has a shorter but relatively broader grille than the CTS, which helps give a "wider, lower look. Around back, the ATS features big, thick [rear-roof] pillars like the CTS [Coupe]" and its taillights reportedly wrap up and forward on the fenders like those of the recent Cadillac Converj Concept. The ATS sedan may be a bit more, er, sedate by comparison, but GM's recent track record in design suggests the ATS will be a handsome premium compact and instantly recognizable as a Cadillac. That's basically what we know or can reasonably project at this stage, but more hard news should emerge soon, so keep checking back for updates.

For now, the 2012 Cadillac ATS looks a heartening early sign that the "New GM" will be competitive in ways the "Old GM" usually wasn't capable of. If it isn't, the former industry titan will get no more taxpayer lifelines and the Treasury will be out about $50 billion. Barring any unexpected innovations, the most notable thing about the 2012 Cadillac ATS may be its status as the brand's third attempt at a premium-compact car. The first was the front-wheel-drive 1980-86 Cimarron, the hapless, gilded Chevrolet Cavalier that Cadillac is still trying to live down. The second was the 1998-2001 Catera, an Americanized German GM Opel that was too heavy and unsporting to threaten established sports sedans.

Cadillac ATS Tail LightsThe ATS, by contrast, seems a genuinely serious effort at a 3-Series fighter, and we hope it drives as well as the BMW, tall order though that is. One notable feature does not seem to be in the picture and that's an ATS convertible. The reason, some sources say, is that the 2-door coupe styling does not leave enough space for storing a top, hard or soft, and eliminating the back seat is out because premium import-brand rivals all seat four. An ATS convertible would also likely cost more to engineer and produce than sales would justify, and GM still has debts to pay, not least to Uncle Sam. We've also heard talk of a wagon-like ATS 2-door hatchback, but again, likely demand is just too low. The vehicle should have a six-speed automatic transmission and improved exhaust system.

That same factor also weighs against a gas/electric hybrid model, especially since its rumored that GM has confirmed a production version of the recent Converj Concept, that stunning coupe takeoff on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in electric sedan. That car, which will likely get a three-letter name, is being whispered as a 2012 or '13 entry, depending on how GM fares over the next couple of years. It would join the ATS as a new-age small Caddy, but would likely be positioned as the brand's new flagship model, owing to the much-touted and very expensive "Voltec" powertrain. While the 2012 Cadillac ATS is not available for testing, and will probably not be available for some time, we have a fairly good idea of how General Motors would like the vehicle to perform.